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Hi everyone,

I had PRK enhancement surgery in one eye at the end of January 2015 (initially had lasik done 7 years ago when I was -9.75 in both eyes). Going into the enhancement surgery my left eye was -1.75, so it was enough that I felt an enhancement was needed to continue life without glasses or contact lenses.
After the surgery in January, my healing was very slow. I had dry patches on my eye up to 2 months post surgery. At 3 weeks post-surgery my optometrist (separate from the laser clinic) said I was +2.50. Very overcorrected. He said that some overcorrection is normal, but that this much was unusual and took me off the steroid drops immediately. I was a bit freaked out and called the laser clinic to discuss these results. They said this was normal, not to worry, and that the overcorrection will subside in the next few months.
I am now 10 weeks post surgery and the overcorrection has not improved at all. I was at the optometrist yesterday, and I am still +2.50 and need to wear a contact lens to function. The vision in my left eye is much, much worse than when I went in to surgery. I can't see up close, or far away with that eye. I'm disappointed and worried to say the least. Thankfully I still have my one "good" eye that I didn't have enhanced.

Has anyone out there experienced this level of overcorrection after PRK? And if so, did it ever improve?

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