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Wavefront technology refers to a more precise method of measuring vision than what doctors have been using. Any irregularities (technically, higher order aberrations) can be corrected... [I]in theory,[/I] anyway. It can be (and is) applied not just to LASIK, but also to eyeglasses and contacts.

For example, Zeiss has an i.Scription line of wavefront eyeglass lenses that are available through some optometrists. These are the lenses I wear, ironically after myself getting wavefront LASIK and PRK four years ago.

Wavefront LASIK may be better than regular LASIK, but it still tends to increase higher order aberrations, just not as much as regular LASIK. If your vision issues are in fact due to significant preexisting HOAs, you might well benefit from wavefront LASIK, but you would also likely benefit from wavefront glasses.

If you don't tolerate contacts due to dry eye, surgery is not a great idea either, because increased dry eye is a very common risk. It may or may not improve over time. (This is basically my story.)

My own experience leaves me biased against surgery, but if you decide you want it, get more than one opinion as to whether you are a good candidate. Make sure you get an opinion from a doctor who [U]will not benefit financially[/U] from recommending you for surgery (basic conflict of interest stuff). Select a surgeon based on experience, reputation, board certification, equipment, and lack of lawsuits or disciplinary action - never on cost.

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