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Hello, I had my LASIK Zyoptix done on 28 May 2015 and even after 1 month I can't see things clearly at all.

Before surgery I had -4.75 and -5.00 in my eyes and the doctor had said that my eyes are eligible for surgery and I won't face any problems.

I have never seen clearly, not even for 1 second after surgery. Vision has been blurry since the first day. I am taking liquid drops (4 of them) as suggest by the doctor. Sitting 3 feet away from my computer screen, I have to zoom in 175% to be able to see font clearly (1920x1080 resolution, if that matters).

The doctor checked by vision using computerized method and it said I have -0.5 power which shouldn't be the reason for blurry vision. He checked manually by making me wear glasses of different power but no use. My vision worsens if I wear glass of any power.

He did a dryness test and said everything is normal. He says that my eyes are "technically" fine and there is no issue and has no clue why I am unable to see clearly.

I feel like I have some -1 or -1.5 power but glasses of those power don't help. The doctor has asked me to see some other doctor as he has no clue what is wrong.

Note: My vision hasn't improved at all. In fact, it has worsened after 3rd week. Also, in my best case, I was able to see more clear than usual days but it was still blurry.

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