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Sorry to hear about your situation, ryansharma. Is your vision uniformly blurry, or is it more a case of glare, halos and/or starbursts? Is it the same in each eye? The more precisely you can describe your issues the better.

As for me, I had LASIK in one eye and PRK in the other 4 years ago, and I started out with massive glare and halos (and some starbursts) in both eyes, which improved following surgery. I still have problems though. The vast majority of improvement occurred in the 3 weeks following surgery and has been slow ever since, but everyone's physiology is different.

Are you being referred to a specialist or to another LASIK surgeon? If you don't get satisfactory answers, I'd suggest a second opinion from another surgeon with as much experience and advanced diagnostic equipment as possible. For example, the Zeiss ATLAS 9000 Corneal Topography System provides a rigorous wavefront analysis of the cornea and produces an image simulation of how it thinks an eye chart appears to you. (No, I have no financial interest in this product...)

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