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Hello fauzool, and sorry to hear about your situation. I had LASIK in one eye and PRK in the other four years ago. One month isn't a long time... I had massive and horrifying glare/halos/starbursts post-op, which improved significantly over three weeks, and slightly over four years, but not completely. Everyone is different.

I found several studies which say that, as long as the optical zone is ~6.0 mm or more, larger pupils did not have more night vision problems [u]after[/u] 3 to 6 months post-op. (Note that optical zone is smaller than treatment zone, which includes the transition or 'blend' zone.)

Which makes one wonder what [i]does[/i] cause night vision problems. A decentered ablation (not properly lined up) could do it. Dry eye, maybe.

I also found one small study to suggest that PRK tends to increase pupil size but that it improves with time. The average increase was 0.7 mm at 3 months and 0.2 mm at 21 months. For what it's worth, my PRK eye has a slightly larger pupil than my LASIK eye, but I don't have my records in front of me so can't say what it was before surgery.

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