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Hi, I am a 25 year old male who had perfect vision in both eyes. My left eye used to be the dominant eye and the best one even though I never noticed the difference in my eyes because they were equally good.

In 2013 June, I got pink eye or conjunctivitis adenovirus in my left eye that scarred my cornea. The scars were in front of my pupil so I could not see clearly and my vision was blurry! I went to a speacialist who told me that it will heal itself over time and I waited for 2 years with no progress of healing. I told him that I will not get any younger only older and that asked him if he recommended anything else than just waiting. He referred me to another specialist and the doctor there suggested "PTK Surgery"

On June 18th, I had the PTK Surgery which went very well with no problems. First day of recovery was not as painfull as day 2 and 3. I could not open my both eyes even though only my left eye went through the surgery.. I was very light sensitive. Day 4 was better and then at day 5 and 6 everything felt normal. I had my bandage contact lenses for 6 days and thought that maybe I still have blurry vision because of that!

My vision is still the same as it was before the surgery. 6 days after the surgery I went back and the optician who removed the lenses told me that my cornea is growing nice, I asked her if it is normal that my vision is still blurry as it was before the surgery. She told me that it is normal and that I do not have to worry.

It has been 18 days since the surgery and my vision is still the same as it was before the surgery. Is this really normal?! I mean I never had bad vision before the scarring on my cornea, I know that I am impatient, but I get impatient if I do not see results after promised time for my vision to be good again.

Should I wait for my next appointment which is in September or should I contact them and ask for an appointment this week?! Thank you in advance and sorry for my english, it is not my native language :)

Please share your experience with PTK Surgery with me, how long did it take for you to see clearly again? Thank you :D

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