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[QUOTE]I had PRK in one eye, which is very similar to PTK, except that PRK is specifically for vision correction. I had terrible visual disturbances initially, which improved over three weeks. Then the rate of improvement slowed down quite a bit, leaving me with residual problems, but they've gotten better over months and years.[/QUOTE] I'm happy to hear that in the end everything is fine and that you have a better vision now :) I myself is looking forward for my eyesight to return, my surgeon told me that PRK was not needed in my case which I hope is good thing. I am just afraid that there is more than scarring in my eye which the optician and the surgeon did not see, I will try to be more patience and wait for my appointment in September :)

[QUOTE]Everyone is different. The laser is a form of (relatively) controlled trauma to the cornea. The top layer (epithelium) generally heals within a week, as it sounds like yours did. But below that, there is a considerably longer healing response, similar to the period after an infection. That's the reason for the 3 - 6 month waiting period to evaluate outcome, and I hope you were advised of that.[/QUOTE] I did not know about the healing process, I was told that withing a week or two I will be able to drive again, but I feel I am danger on the road when I can't see my left side crystal clear so I take busses more often than I drive and I still can't see left side crystal clear so how can I drive again within 2 weeks, and I ask myself how would I be able to drive if I had surgery on both eyes. I was told that it will take 3 - 6 months before the sight to stabilizes and not to heal itself, but 2 weeks to drive again. As far I understood my surgeon, just few weeks for healing, I might have misunderstood her.

[QUOTE]It can seem like an eternity, but unfortunately there is not much to do except wait. Of course you should see the doctor immediately if anything gets worse. As far as I know, the only other option for corneal scarring is a corneal transplant, which is way less fun.[/QUOTE] After having bad vision for 2 years, 3 - 6 months is not so bad. I feel great and my eye feels normal as it used to before surgery, I follow my routines and take the eyedrops and every night when I go to bed I hope that when I wake up in the next morning my sight will get better. :D

Thank you so much for your response, especially the recovery/healing part of the cornea under the top layer (epithelium) which I did not know of how the recovery process is, so thank you very much again I appreciate it :D

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