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Me: -4.0 both eyes, slight astigmatism. Corneas thin but not too thin (about 500 microns)

Hi YesCats
I found this website before my Intralase Lasik and was quite hesitant about having my surgery. I know there are thousands of happy people that have had Lasik but I wanted to read about the ones that weren't happy. I wrote a list of questions for my opthamologist and he answered them all. My main concerns were: was there any reason I couldn't expect very good, clear distance vision? Was I at risk for ecstasia? Would there be problems with the flap (knowing they never really heal)? Did some patients have vision problems that couldn't be fixed even without glasses?

He was honest and said 98% of patients have very clear vision. 2% will need a "touch up" I was glad he didn't placate me by saying it wouldn't happen to me. I asked if he had any patients that wish they didn't have the procedure? He said yes, but all were due to eye dryness, none due to vision problems. My Dr didn't downplay any of the risks, but I decided to go ahead. As clear distance vision was most important to me he didn't undercorrect one eye for reading (they offer that for people about 40 and older).

I had my surgery late yesterday afternoon. I won't go into the procedure as there are lots of posts about that. The suction was uncomfortable but overall it was faster and easier than I thought.

I got home, ate something and went to bed with a sleeping tablet. They gave me paracetamol with codeine. It wasn't enough. I added a different painkiller as well. 2 hours later I woke with the worst pain. I wanted to scratch my eyes out. It felt like someone threw sand in my eyeswith a stinging poison. Felt like a 9/10 pain. Hubby had endone so I took that with 2 more sleeping tablets.

I woke in the middle of he night with the bad pain gone.

(The Dr said this morning that my pain was rare, most people only have scratchy eyes).

WHen I woke this morning my eyes were scratchy but bad pain gone. Left eye very clear! Right eye slightly blurry but I COULD SEE! Had my checkup and Dr said all good, a little hazy which is to be expected. 20/20 vision.

Not even 24 hours yet. I am glad I did it. Of course I don't know the long term efffects but I don't regret it at all.

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