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Hello! I am currently living in South Korea and I had what I thought was LASIK (the records I just received from my surgeon says I had LASEK with mitomycin, No-Touch, this concerns me.) 7.5 months ago. I still have blurry vision which I think is caused by a problem with focusing. I can read, especially if I squint, however whole objects are blurry even at short distances. It is so bad that if someone is 5 or 6 feet away I have trouble determining who the person is. This blurriness sometimes causes headaches or feelings of sea-sickness. My doctor insists it is just dry eyes and that I am expecting fast results and magic.

My prescription before: R SPH -5.25 and CYL -0.50 Ax 16
L SPH -5.75 and CYL -1.00 Ax 178

Now: R SPH -0.50 and CYL +0.50 Ax 90
L SPH -0.50 and CYL +0.25 Ax 90

The surgeon does not recommend glasses or enhancement surgery and says my eye sight is better than his. But something is wrong and I don't know what to do. I currently use 3 different eye drops. Diquas (Japanese) every 3 hours, Restasis 3 times a day, and artifical tears (hyaluronate eye drop) as needed but my doctor told me every 30 - 60 minutes.Any thoughts, recommendations? I am leaving Korea in a month and thought my eyes would be sorted out before I left and I worry about the costs of correcting it in the US.
Hey Sam, sorry to hear about your issues.

Having LASEK instead of LASIK is nothing to worry about - they both have similar outcomes - but you should be informed beforehand.

Mitomycin C is thought to prevent corneal haze, which is a small risk specific to LASEK and PRK (but not LASIK). There are a few reports linking MMC to dry eye, but I see more evidence against that idea than for it.

-0.5 D is nothing like the blurriness you describe. Does it fluctuate? When you were measured post-op, how did the eye chart look with the correction? Was it sharp or still blurry? Even if your eyes had trouble focusing, objects at SOME distance would be in focus. If there's any doubt, you can get a cycloplegic refraction, which temporarily stops the eye from focusing before measuring your vision.

The tear film provides a large amount of the eye's refractive (light-bending) power, so dry eye can definitely affect vision. It sounds like you have [i]very[/i] dry eyes, yet you haven't mentioned pain or discomfort, so I'm curious about that. Do you think the diquafosol helps? The studies sound promising and I would try it if it was available here.

If you use artificial tears that often, get preservative-free ones. They're more pricey but you can use them as often as you like. I think preservative-free hyaluronate is available.

Lastly, your surgeon has a poor attitude. Spending 7+ months with vision worse than before is in no way "expecting fast results and magic". Besides, fast and amazing results are exactly what the ads promise. Saying you shouldn't get glasses also makes no sense - you have a presciption, so what is it for then?

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