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Absolutely, go with the advice from Optimax. Consider the fact that they turned you down even though it meant lost revenue. Everything I've read says that a stable prescription is needed for a year or more. The definition of 'stable' varies, but for someone to ignore your past prescriptions even when you offered them is disturbing. There's no device that predicts future vision: otherwise, we would go in and get five or ten years' worth of prescriptions all at once. A claim like that is completely absurd and disturbing.

Hard sell tactics are unethical in medicine and designed to provoke you to an impulsive decision when you haven't fully considered the risks of surgery against whatever convenience you hope to gain. And a 20/20 guarantee is certainly not a guarantee of perfect vision - when my left eye was -0.5 D and suffering post-LASIK halo, I was still considered "20/20".

And finally, did you fill your 20 July prescription with new glasses/contacts and is your vision sharp? Then whoever measured your eyes at -3.5 D is incompetent. If they can't get that right, how can you trust them with a laser?

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