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I appreciate everyone's comments here.

My procedure price includes 2 years of any corrective procedures. The only thing is, for me, if I continue to be unhappy with how things turned out after the first one--halos, blurriness, etc.--I don't know how willing I'll be to have more done. If the halos and blurriness subside with time, and I needed to go back to glasses sooner than later, I guess I'd only regret the sense of embarrassment for having gone through everything for no good reason. And maybe my new, lighter prescription would make it easier to find glasses that work for me. But that's all a way's off. For now, it's just taking things day-by-day, and seeing how things stack up by the time of my 3-month follow-up.

All told, I can still read, and I can see distance. I can even drive at night. I expect I'm experiencing a LASIK "success" by almost every measure. Only I feel like everything is slightly compromised (halos, starburst, haziness), compared to where I was wearing glasses up to a week ago. Not debilitating, but annoying.
Johnny, I think your vision will get much clearer as time goes on. You could be surprised. The general haziness and blurriness that I had after the surgery was completely gone in about a month, and the halos are dry eyes are getting much better. Unfortunately the residual astigmatism in my left eye has to be corrected, which is a bummer but apparently 5-15% of patients do not get 20-20 vision with the first procedure. You are more likely to need an enhancement if you had a strong prescription and/or astigmatism before the surgery.

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