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Well, if for no other purpose than documenting for others' benefit, I went in for a 3-month post-op visit...technically 4 months since the procedure.

No info, really. The doctor seems quite pleased with the results. I've mostly gotten used to the way things look now, though I still think I wouldn't have done it knowing the results. The most bothersome thing now is the dismissive attitude I get. I mentioned the halos to the very young girl measuring the eyesight, and got a sort of sad, "yeah, unfortunately that can happen with large pupils...", and that's it. She asked about them, and I said they were probably about the same since two weeks after the procedure. She had me sit for an exam, where I could barely make out the top two rows of letters. By applying a sort of filter on my eye, which blocked out maybe half the light, I could read them much more clearly. Then she proceeded to make adjustments (better 1, or better 2? etc.), to where I could see clearly. Only I never got any prescription, or confirmation of what kind of vision I'm experiencing. Just a "we'll see you in a year", and permission to use regular eye drops if I need to.

I called the office today to have them fax me the results of yesterdays' test. Though it may be moot now, I'm interested to at least see someone else to confirm what I'm experiencing, and if I have any options, etc. I'm guessing that aside from the halos, I could probably improve my eyesight to some degree with glasses, though it may not really be necessary, and would certainly be an embarrassing show of defeat after going through everything.

All told, I'm functional, I'm able to do nearly everything I would ever need to do, and I don't "need" to wear glasses. So I'm sure I'm still considered a "success"...and maybe I technically am. Still, I'm not sure I'll ever go back, even for my 1-year checkup. At this point, I think I'd like to at least get a second opinion and at least know everything I'm dealing with.

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