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It appears that my vision has stabilized a bit over the past 3 days. Definitely not getting better, but doesn't seem to be getting worse. I went in for another appointment today (19 days post-op). The surgeon said everything is still healing nicely, everything looks normal, and my vision is lacking because of slight residual nearsightedness (-0.25) and astigmatism (-0.75 and -0.50). He gave me toric contact lenses to make me more functional. It seems like a terrible idea to wear contacts this close to surgery so I took them out right when I got home and don't plan to use them.

At this point I'm afraid to drive at night, but in bright daylight I'm alright for short distances, although things are still a little blurry.

My next appointment is in two weeks, then another two months later to see how my vision has stabilized and discuss the idea of an enhancement. I have two potential plans after the next appointment-

1. Order new glasses lenses to help my vision over the next two months.

2. Suffer through the blur, seeing if my brain will adapt to the vision (which seems more possible if the astigmatism subsides).

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