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I had my LASIK done three weeks ago. 4 days after the surgery I accidentally rubbed my left eye, it hurt for a few minutes then was sore the rest of the day. The day after, there was no pain, just a strange feeling like pressure or a bruise on the eyeball. I went back to the clinic a couple days later, they said the eye and flap look great, the strange feeling will eventually go away. It's now been two weeks since I rubbed my eye and there is no change in the left eye, still feels like there is pressure or something. I called the clinic again, he said give it one more week and if it doesn't go away, come back next week and they have some type of eye drops to help. Is it normal to have this feeling for over two weeks after rubbing the eye? Is there anything I can try at home before I head back there next week? I use systane lubricant drops six times a day. And what type of drops do they give you to make the weird feeling in the eye go away? I'm getting a bit nervous that it won't ever go away. I hope I didn't do any damage by rubbing the eye, any suggestions? I should also add that i had both eyes done and the right eye feels great, its only the eye i rubbed. And my vision is still great in both eyes. Thanks
The eye is very sensitive - the cornea has the highest concentration of sensory nerves of any tissue. So pain can persist almost for no reason. Perhaps the eye drops they are talking about are an anti-inflammatory, such as prednisolone (which you may or may not have been given to use in the first week after surgery). I wouldn't shy away from calling them back and asking for the information - you've got a right to know.

If it helps, you can use more artificial tears. I'd suggest preservative free to avoid further irritation. These are the expensive ones in the tiny vials. They say to use only once and then discard, but I save money by sticking the cap back on and have not had a problem (I'm careful not to contaminate by touching anything with the tip of the vial). A thicker over the counter ointment could help at night.

For peace of mind, nothing beats a second opinion.

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