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It has been a while since I last posted here on the forums. Today I visited my surgeon who last time did a [I]"Custom PTK/PRK with Wavefronts"[/I] I believe she said to fix my vision or better said my Irregular Astigmatism. She had done it so that they brushed the surface of the cornea and thinned out the scars, to make sure of me not getting farsighted later. BUT this surgery ended unsuccesfully, with absolute no change to my vision at all, neither bad or good happend and it was like I did not go through a surgery at all.

The scarring on my cornea happend for almost 3 years ago and I wrote about this 5 months ago in this topic:

Anyway so according to my surgeon, my scars are not deep, but are centered and contracts the cornea around the scarring which is the cause of my Irregular Astigmatism.

So I got a new date for my second [I]"Custom PTK/PRK with Wavefronts"[/I] surgery. This time they will scratch/brush away more from the top layers of the scars. I asked her if it is not possible to just remove the scars completely? She said it is possible, but the risk of being farsighted (Hyperopia) is very high and that I would not be happy with the results at all and that Hyperopia can not be fixed with another surgey.

So I am all confused and trying to think of what to do, I chose the date of my second surgery myself so I still got time to think things through until late february and to contact other surgeons both in my current location and in other countries.

So if anyone can guide me to the right decision or direction, that would be splendid and appreciated. Is there any other methods, surgery? I read a little bit of Corneal Transplantation, but I am not sure if [I][B]I[/B][/I] need that. I mean, yes my vision is bad because of my condition, but I am not blind which I am so gratefull for. It saddens me knowing that I will never get my clear vision again in my left eye.

Thank you in advance!

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