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Hey Folks. I got Lasik Intralase on both of my eyes (Previous contact prescription -4.0 in both eyes) done on 12/2 of this year.

I'll keep this short but looking for some information.

Post surgery Day 1: Some typical(?) haze, but noticed my right eye was really blurry.
Day 2: Really good vision in my left eye, horrible vision in my right eye. I started doing tests at this point looking at various objects in my apartment.

Day 7:Vision has been consistent since day 1, almost, but more so day 2.
I visited the doctor on this day and he said I am 20/20 in my left eye, 20/70 in my right eye. Apparently I healed really well and do not suffer much dry eye.
-His Verdict- Since I can see perfectly clear in my bad eye with 20/70 while using prescription lesnses, he finds it unlikely that my eye will heal to better vision.

Day 8: Now. I have been lurking this forum and it's been the best source of information I could find anywhere. So, you people posting your stories are doing a service for us all. I found many people with this issue but one by one I was seeing more of them related to dry eye blurriness, not actually poor vision in one eye.

So. Is my doctor right? I mean, the place that did the surgery said it was pretty common the day after. My regular doctor (who also sees lasik patients for further follow up) seems to not think this is normal. What do you guys think? Anybody been in this spot before? Did you need enhancement? Did you get better? I'll keep this updated. He expedited my next follow up from 1 month to two weeks. 4-6 months supposedly til I can get an "enhancement"
What does 20/70 mean? Is that better than where you started at -4.00? Ask for your numbers and not just the eye chart line you could read because there could be lots of things causing it for example: your eye did not correct all the way and so you are still nearsighted, swelling, dryness, astigmatism, overcorrection farsightedness.

At this early stage you likely still have swelling from the surgery still. Most doctors tell their patients that lasik can take 3-6 months for vision to settle down.

My experience was much different. I had it 3 years ago but from what I remember:
First several weeks or so both eyes were very light sensitive, both were blurry for small details like my phone or the tv guide, one was a lot clearer than the other, i could see 20/20 on the eye chart but it was not sharp or crisp because the eyes were overcorrected at first and one had an induced lasik astigmatism. Both got gradually better over a long time - for sure longer than 6 months. I also had severe dry eye, horrible starbursts, and blurring in peripheral vision of one eye which was scary.

Present day: everything improved. I still have starbursts and struggle with eye dryness but all are alot better than it was during the first 12 months after lasik. Both eyes got sharper and crisper vision over time.

I would get a second opinion if you are worried about the 20/70 eye.

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