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Hello Guys,
I'm new here so here is my story.
I'm farsighted before surgery i was with prescription right eye +3.00 left eye +5.75 without any astigmatism. My left eye is lazy so i actually use my right eye for my daily activities.

The surgery was done in the middle of February 10 months ago. So far so good but after the surgery i notice ghosting, double images, starburst and halo, glowing effects around brighter objects specially with LED lights , stop lights of the cars. My correction zone is 5.00 mm and the ablation is 9.00 mm. I think they never measure my pupil size.

If i use Lexfen drops witch are similar to alphagan p drops the effect are minimized but for short period also it's not clear enough even if i go outdoor in the middle of the day.
It was ordinary lasik with laser STAR S4.
Guys can give me advice should i got for another procedure with the same doc but this time with custom LASIK for both eyes with SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S.

This time they will create 3D model of my cornea and they told me that they can extend the correction zone up to 6.00mm.
Has anyone go for enhancement and what was the final outcome after the second procedure?
How did you treat depression about the negative outcome after the first procedure i used some pills but they did not helped me.

I visited a lot of doctors and i heared different opinions. One of the doctors suggest me to do PRK this time others told me not do anything because it will got worse.

I'm split in two parts. I've read lot of stories but never find answer similar to mine.
I'm seriously depressed about the current situation my life changed dramatically, I think this was my biggest mistake in my life.

Thanks in advance.

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