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My vision was -0.75 L eye with -1.25 R eye and both with -0.5 astigmatism.
I've had lasik surgery ( the one with the mechanical microkeratome device cutting flap) on both eyes on 26.05.2016. They put me like 3-4 times numbing drops and on the left eye it hurt only a little but on the right eye it was like the doctor was broking my orbit bones while trying to do the suction. He tried 2 times and he made it the 2nd but the pain was pretty intense. Nevertheless they said they could made prk on the right eye if i wanted but i told them to try and do lasik cause i will endure the pain. Made it with my own hand but if i had to chose i would chose again the same procedure. After 1.5 hours i left home and returned the 2nd day and the doctor told me my flap was displaced in the left eye ( i was seeing very very bad). He put it back and told me to come back the next day to lift the lense from it. I came to him he lifted the lense and he could get a reading from the device that reads diopters ( small red house in the center far away) and told me that he brought me to 0 diopters in bought eyes. Now after 2 weeks i see very clear with my right eye but with my left i have some moderate blurriness (the one with the flap displacement) . Some days after i sleep in the afternoon i wake up and i see very clear with the left eye and a little unclear with the right eye (it is fluctuating or sth) but only for like 20 minutes. I hope the left becomes like the right eye in terms of vision. Maybe a i have an inflamation cause of the displaced flap and takes longer? Also i dont feel dryness anymore, it seems my eyes are lubricating pretty well.

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