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I had PRK done in October 2012. I believe I was -6.50 and -6.25 in my eyes. Afterwards I was 20/20 but over the months my vision declined, so I had an enhancement done in October 2013 called epi-lasik. Basically he did PRK again minus the scratching on the eye. Laser only he called it. This caused my vision to go backwards which drove me insane. I was back into glasses. Over the next year I was fighting with dry eyes. Had blephEx done, which helped and basically I fought off the dry eye nonsense with hot compresses, etc. My eyes finally got to a point where the doctor was comfortable with doing another surgery and he highly recommended Zlasik. So I had my left eye done in late May 2015 and the right done a month later. It freaking worked and I can see great. Way better than it was after PRK back in 2012. So as of right now 6-7 months post op, I'm probably 20/25 in the left and 20/20 borderline 20/15 in the right. I have slight ghosting on high contrast surfaces but that doesn't bother me. But what is killing me are those damned starbursts. I notice I only see them if I'm in darkness looking at a light far into the distance, which is a problem because it obscures the surround area. If I'm near a light and looking at a distant light the starbursts shrinks/goes away. I've had starbursts after each of the last two surgeries, I was given some eyedrops a while back to shrink the pupil which worked great in diminishing them. I quit using the drops because I started wearing contacts and didn't want to screw them up, so I sortof just dealt with the starbursts. But back to today, I don't want to rely on those eyedrops the rest of my life if I want to avoid starbursts. I want to think the reason I still have them is because I've gone through 3 surgeries and my progress with starbursts just gets reset each time. So my question to you guys who have gone through these eye surgeries, how long did it take for your starbursts to go away? I saw most people posting around 6 months and one guy said after 9 months he saw some improvement. I'm trying to stay optimistic.

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