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I had the bladeless LASIK procedure done on 12/29. I'm 42, nearsighted, approximately -5 diopters in both eyes with pretty strong astigmatism. The Optometrist said I was a few years out from presbyopia, so this was not part of the equation.

Day 1 was as expected - quite blurry, cloudy. 24 hour check up showed 20/20 in right eye, 20/40 in left eye (I think they were quite generous with a 20/40 score on my left eye). My right eye has been fine - I could always sense gradual improvement with it and its vision is as about as good as I can expect.

However my left eye is just "not right"- and hasn't been since the procedure - I feel a constant dull ache around the eye orbital, similar to sinus pressure. Vision out of my left eye remains blurry, along with ghosting. During the procedure, I definitely felt more discomfort with the left eye than I did with the right eye.

Using both eyes, I feel nauseous most of the time because everything is blurry - almost like everything is vibrating to give a slightly blurred image. And unless I'm in bright light - as in outdoors on a sunny day - it's very difficult to read. There is a strong correlation between the degree of blurred vision and ghosting to how much light I'm in.

I went back after 7 days, and the Optometrist said I was -0.25 diopters in both eyes, my flaps looked fine, and there was nothing wrong. I respect their measurements, but they are not seeing what I am seeing.

At this point, I have serious buyers remorse and I'd do anything to go back to the vision I had before with glasses.

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