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Hello everyone. This is the first time I have posted on here but would really appreciate some advice and help. I had my original lasik procedure in October 2014. At the time my prescription was .... Right eye sph+2.25, cyl - 3.25 and Left eye sph +1.75, cyl -2.25. Basically it was the astigmatism that caused the majority of my problem. After the surgery it took several months before I felt like I could see clear again, but my right eye never felt quite right. The left eye was measuring at Plano but the right was measuring at + 1.75 still. To be honest, my quality of vision was pretty good but I think this is because there was little astigmatism left. Anyways, my right eye did bother me and I was offered enhancement surgery to correct it. I went for all my tests done again and when the drops to relax the eye muscles were placed in my eyes and my vision tested I was hit with a nasty surprise. My left eye and my right eye were actually both at the same prescription. My left eye was simply straining to get the good quality vision I was seeing. In the end I ended up going for an enhancement on both eyes in August 2015 for the following prescription on both eyes... Sph + 1.00, cyl -0.5. Since the second procedure my vision has felt very poor. No where near the quality of vision I had before the second op. However, my prescription is only reading at sph-0.25 and cyl -0.75 in both eyes. I think it is the increase in astigmatism that really bothers me. To be honest it feels more like a -2 (similar to my original left eye). I am struggling with letters, faces and night time driving. The axis is at 175, so basically everything is double visioned, on top of each other. I have been offered a third procedure but this time I would have to have lasek rather than lasik. I don't know what to do. I feel like I need to put my glasses on now to feel comfortable with the vision but I can get away without wearing them all the time. I am concerned that if I have a second enhancement that the vision will get worse, making me completely dependant on glasses again. I am also worried that I would definitely not be able to have any further enhancements in the future if I were to regress. But on the other hand I'm not sure I can cope with my vision the way it is. I feel like my eyes are dry, but the tests show they are not, but this could just be because when I put lubricating drops in I get crisp vision for a few minutes because of the change in the area I am seeing through! Please help me... Any advise would be greatly appreciated...what would you do?

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