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I had Lasik done 16 years ago by a corneal surgeon. I have very steep corneas and he kinda joked that I had more than enough cornea for 5-7 procedures. My prescription was -11.75 and -11.5 (only a very tiny, slight astigmatism). The next day after the Lasik I was 20/10 in both eyes. I believe vision stablized about 2 weeks later at 20/20 in left-eye and 20/30 in right eye. Let's see, I was 28 at the time. They did warn me I'd need reading glasses when I got older.

2 years ago (42) my vision started changing. Left eye was to 20/30 and right-eye went to 20/40. This year left-eye was 20/40 and right-eye is 20/100. I have some presbyopia (again, nothing I didn't know would happen).

NONE of the doctors here will do Lasik twice. Even though I meet all the criteria (I have plenty of cornea to work with). I must've had like 5 different eye exams by different doctors and they all commented that they can hardly see the flap that was created 16 years ago so the surgeon must've been pretty good, but they will not do Lasik again due to risks of flap complications.

So, PRK is my only option. I had PRK done on my right-eye only on 7/21/17. I would never recommend having both eyes done at the same time. You wouldn't be able to see/drive/function.

I knew going in that PRK had a lot more short-term cons (vs. the nasty flap complications like epithelium growth for 2nd Lasik). They removed the bandage contact at day 5, but I needed to have another contact put over (the cells hadn't quite grown back fully so it felt like I had an eyelash in the eye after they removed the contact). 2 more days of contact and now it's out. Ironically everyone kept telling me I would be in horrible pain. Fortunately I wasn't. Even weirder, the first 27 hours after, I had no pain/discomfort. But then it started to sting and feel irritated (like a dirty contact) for about 30 minutes every 3 hours or so. Woke up twice in the middle of the night with my eye running, but the next morning, was pretty much back to normal (in terms of comfort). Vision was VERY blurry in the right eye after the surgery. It got slightly better every day. But nothing like Lasik (again, I knew this).

Right now I'm 10 days post-PRK? The right eye is slightly blurry at times (I'm not sure blurry is the word, more like fuzzy). It feels like when you blink and you get like an "eye film" over your eye and you blink again and it's gone. Kinda like that. Annoying. Getting slowly better. For some reason mornings are pretty good and it gets "worse" during the day. I'm seeing 20/50, although it's not a clear 20/50 in the right eye. They claim that should resolve itself in 1-2 more weeks.

I have another week of the prednisone (well like 5 days) eye drops at 4x a day and then it drops down to twice/day I believe.

Assuming the "fuzzy/blurry" resolves itself in a few weeks, I'll consider that good.

If it gets me another 5-10 years for distance, I'll be happy. I know I'll probably need reading glasses (or I could have the left-eye corrected for closeness and have monovision). But after discussing it, we decided to just do the right-eye and see how my brain adjusts to reading with one eye adjusted for distance.

I sorta would've liked to have Lasik again (due to the rapid recovery and almost zero pain/discomfort), but I wasn't fond of having a flap complication (not so much it coming loose, it's the epithelium growth). Supposedly if it grows externally they have to scrap your eyeball and if it's internally they *might* be able to re-lift the flap and scrap it again.


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