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I'm 34 and in generally good health. In April of 2015, I had bladeless LASIK performed on both eyes by very reputable (and expensive) doctor in Nashville. Before surgery, I was -5.5 in left eye, -5.25 in right eye. After surgery, the right eye was perfect, no problems from day one. The left eye never quite sharpened up (borderline -0.75 / -0.5), and so I had an enhancement done last month (January of 2016) on the left eye.

The day after the surgery, the vision in the enhanced left eye was perfect -- until the doctor removed the contact lens. Now I've got problems. Ghosting is bad -- I see three copies of traffic lights and text on screens in the left eye. Some of the ghosts are smeared. If I can get past the ghosting, the vision is still somewhat blurry. Condition is better in brighter light settings but not acceptable.

I've gone back to the surgery doctor. He sees spots around the lower part of the pupil that he says are globs of oil trapped under the flap. Says they might or might not go away after anywhere from two to six months. The spots are only in the middle of the eye, not toward the edge. It doesn't make sense to me how they could get to the middle and not also be at the edges.

There is also a small amount of epithelial ingrowth at 6 o'clock but it maybe seems to have stopped growing.

I'm scheduled to see another LASIK surgeon next week for a second opinion.

Has anybody heard of oil trapped under the flap? I can see how it would cause the ghosting but not the blurry vision. Any chance the oil will be dissipated and go away anytime soon? What else could these spots be? Trapped air. Other physical debris? I'm worried they're going to have to go back in and lift the flap to clean it out -- but then what's the chance the same problem occurs again??


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