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LasikPlus gone bad
Feb 24, 2016
Nov. 2014: PRK enhancement on right eye. Result: Loss of near-vision (now require reading glasses). Halos/shimmer around lights at night. Ghosting. Vision is hazy/cloudy (like looking through a dirty transparency). Dry irritated eye. Night vision difficulty (simply can’t see as well in low-light). Floaters - they constantly blur my vision, are impossible to ignore, and have dramatically impacted my life.
Service: Optometrist Cleary - bedside manner and attitude was one of disinterest. When I was hoping for reassurance, I received no expression of concern. I left every visit with him anxious and frustrated. E.g. After 3 months of terrible blurry vision, I finally decided to share that I was concerned that my near vision was much worse. He replied: “Yeah. We took that away.” in an unconcerned tone. I felt horrible, but added that my left eye had perfect near-vision. He replied that within 6 months, my left eye would be as bad as my right and I would need reading glasses. Again, the manner in which he gave his prediction was so disheartening.. and for no reason: It’s been a year since that conversation and my left eye near-vision is still perfect.

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