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Intralase Lasik
Feb 25, 2016

This is MK from India and I had recently did intralase Lasik surgery in my both eye. Before i was having -8.5 in both the eyes.

I had Intralase due to thin cornea and higher myopia as said by the Doc.

The day of the operation was a little bit harder and there were two Lasik machines worked on my eyes. The first one IntraLase was quite difficult because i can stop my from moving but the second LASIK for correction was quite easy, nothing felt except burning of hair, only smell.

But quick after the surgery I can see few things but cannot focus on anything.

After one day rest to the eyes, just lying on the bed without moving anywhere and eyes closed most of the time.

The Second day i can see 60 to 70% clearly.

The First week was good but when i was closing the eye i was feeling pressure as if something is still on my eyes pressing it hard.

The Second week after ops the pressure reduce, see 85% clearly and can see much clearer.
But in the third week, I started fluctuating vision and cannot see clear in night vision as I used to see in the day. This was happening before also in the first week but now it increase in the dark and then in the morning i was feeling blurry in the distant vision or sometime not clear vison - only for distant vision.
Now I am in the fourth week post ops, i will hopefully visit the Doc and get her views and will update you guys.

Thanks for all who have contributed their view on the net, for positive and negative which help me to take the decision to go or not to go with LASIK.

But after all I am feeling confident and happy that I got the LASIK.


20 days before i went to DOC for one-month regular check up. I was seeing good 20/25 in both eyes but during dark or low light it is quite less visible and as well as night driving is still not easy. Before with sepcts i was seeing crystal clear in the night i mean better that today. DOC told me i am still recovering and it takes 3 months to decide the final result.

Today is 40th day and i am still feelling 20/25 not as good good as with spects but better than before wihtout spects.
Hoping to get 20/15 vision in both eyes. I am still using drops and by next week i will take my 2nd month appointmet with DOC.

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