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I had a custom prk done through lasik vision institute in bellvue and aside from the instant super vision right after the procedure my vision has been about the same.

My night vision is terrible, cant look anywhere really. I was told there was only a small adjustment as my vision wasnt bad to start with. I now have 20/15 but its blurry. From my research it seems contrast is my issue.

I went in last mth for my annual check and was told my permanent plugs had fallen out so they replaced them and i was told to increase my drop usage to about 5 times. Since doing that i havent noticed an improvement.

Its difficult not to be unhappy when i spent about $3000 and my vision feels exactly the same if not worse than before. The clinic mentioned there is nothing that can be really done, and i am told to just continue the drops.

Do i have any options to have my vision improved?
If not, is there any way i could get a refund or file a small claims case?

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