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[QUOTE=Kroby;5411650]Wasgoing to get LASIK, but the doctor said I would loose my nearsightedness and need readers. He said I normally would probably not need readers even as I aged (currently 47). So essentially I will be trading nearsighted vision for farsighted vision Has anyone done this and did you feel it was worth it?[/QUOTE]

I am 31 and a week post-op for Myopia. I was overcorrected and am now farsighted (I was nearsighted before). Hopefully this is temporary and I will be Plano in a few weeks, but having experienced both nearsightedness and farsightedness, I can say that

1. Nearsightedness is much-much better. If you are nearsighted and don't wear corrections, you see hazy at a distance, but that's it.
2. If you are farsighted and don't wear corrections, you cannot read and on top of that, you get debilitating headaches, problems focusing and eye strain and fatigue.

This is because the human eyes take more effort to focus close than to focus far (Read about accommodation).

I did LASIK because I couldn't wear lenses anymore and I am still 10 years away from presbyopia. If I was already presbyopic (Like you are), I would never have done it.

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