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I have high myopia, I can't remember the values or what they mean but it's something like -6 in one eye and -4 in the other (sphere?) with a (cylinder?) of around -3 in each eye, so basically my worst eye is a combined -9. The few times I've shopped around for eyeglasses outside my optometrist's office, people have looked at me with extreme pity when they see my prescription.

With correction, I barely achieve 20/50 in the worse eye and 20/40 in the better. This is the absolute bare minimum for maintaining a driver's license where I live. I'm a 30 year old male.

I went for a consultation at a laser eye clinic. Initially, it went great: they were pleased with the amount of tissue, after the first few tests I looked like a good candidate. Then they conducted an eye exam and things got weird. I could definitely tell they were uneasy. Eventually they described to me that I'm on the brink of being able to have a license, and they can't guarantee I won't drop down to a 20/50 in the other eye, thereby being forced to forfeit my license. They said it would be possible to do the surgery and then still have to wear glasses and maybe achieve 20/40 or 20/50 in each eye, but even then they're not sure. Apparently my parents waited too long to get me correction lenses when I was a child, and as a result my brain simply isn't able to process anything higher, regardless of the power of lens they give me. I don't fully understand the science behind it but that's the gist of what they told me.

This was over a year ago and it was a really traumatic experience for me because I was really hoping to be a candidate. Technically, I still am, but I'm not too keen on taking the risk of losing my driving priveleges. I haven't visited any other clinics and am just now feeling emotionally ready to revisit the subject. I find wearing glasses and contacts to be a huge drag in life. For whatever reasons, I've always felt very insecure around people when I'm wearing glasses. I feel much more confident when I'm wearing contacts, however there are major issues with those as well. Because my prescription is so strong, the only brand of contacts that I've been prescribed are far from comfortable. They're thick and my eyes get constantly dried out. I blink exessively and they shift around, leaving me with blurred vision quite often. So, I find myself not really in the mood to go out or do much too often because I don't feel comfortable in my glasses or contacts. Not to mention wearing glasses day in and day out is just straight up uncomfortable and annoying, even with the most comfortable frames I can find.

The reason I'm posting here, is I am wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation and if they can offer any advice. I'm trying to get a feel for how many people end up with better vision after surgery and how many end up with the same or worse. Especially those who are on the far end of the spectrum as I am, because from what I gather it is quite rare to have such an extreme prescription. I appreciate all input. Thank you.

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