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[QUOTE=Anamika1;5414289]I have blurry vision 6 years after LASIK. My vision was clear 20/20 until now but from last 3 weeks I am experiencing blurred vision. For 6 years I had no eye problems. Doctors say that it's due to dry eyes.
Does anybody have same experience?
Will the vision get back to normal?
I am using artificial tears right now.[/QUOTE]

I had the same surgery and it's been the same time now. I had the surgery before almost 6 years too. My eyes are perfectly fine and vision 6 / 6. I never had problems in my vision is far or near. Until now before a week ago I had my eye swollen and red and watery so I went to the doctor and he told me that I'm having a viral infection. It's not the same doctor Who did my surgery by the way. So he gave me some drops and and ointment and it really helped and removed the infection from my eye. But after the infection is gone I am now having blurred vision in the same eye from. Last three days. I am also having kind of itching is in in my hand I feel that After The Infection my eyes got really dried out. I don't have any rewetting drops maybe it's because of the dryness as you said but my vision is not clear right now of the infected eye. So it is really confusing and disturbing. So now tomorrow I have an appointment with my surgeon and let's see what he says about this. I personally think that this happened after the infection in my eye because maybe my I got extremely dry. So I will see tomorrow what my surgeon says about it maybe my eye flap has fallen off maybe that's the reason or the drying of the eye is the reason I don't know but I will get to know it tomorrow. I'm going to post it here what my surgeon will say.

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