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Astigmatism is usually caused by corneal irregularities, not by lens problems.

Most people, if they live long enough, will develop cataracts, and require lens replacement. So if you're older, and have lost your natural "accommodation", then doing a lens replacement (sometimes called RLE or CLE) to treat the refractive error is a very effective treatment without the LASIK side effect profile (ie: dry eyes, flap complications, etc.).

A lot depends on your age. There's probably not a doctor in the country who would do a lens replacement on a 25-year-old unless they had extreme refractive error and couldn't do LASIK/PRK. The 25-year-old will still have good accommodation and LASIK/PRK can treat the refractive error with ease. However, a 55-year-old presbyope who has a family history of cataract formation is likely an excellent candidate for lens replacement instead of a LASIK/PRK procedure.

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