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[QUOTE=tipper316;5415980]Hi everyone,

Two months ago I had lasik on both eyes and from then to this point have been absolutely delighted with the results. Hardly any symptoms and eyesight has been nothing short of wonderful.

Just after my two month checkup, I went on a night out and drank alcohol and smoked. When I woke up, the vision in my right eye was very blurred. I went to the optometrist and they advised that my eye was severely dry and that I would need a contact bandage in to repair some scratching.

Two weeks later, the lense is out, I have been using drops religiously, but the sight in my right eye has not returned to how it should be.

Is this cause for concern?
Has anyone else shared a similar experience?

I'm now worrying that the eye is damaged or may need enhancement.

I've been back to the optometrist three times and they simply say come back in a month and keep putting the eye drops in- which to a certain extent I can understand.

Thanks in advance[/QUOTE]

I had the same prob. My eyes were perfect in 6yrs and recently i had en eye infection and it eas viral. My eye was red sweollen and itchy. Ibused droos and itment by the doctor and the infextion went away but what it left.. A blurred vision. Ftom the last 3 days im hving blurrd vision and itchiness. In the infected eye. I feel my eye is xtremely dry too and i dont hv any re wettng drops. Im going to see my surgeon tmrow. Will uodate what hr says.

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