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I had Lasik done about four months ago. Prior to having it I did not do any extensive research on Lasik.
Saying “ hey it’s been 20 years and so many people had it. They would not be doing Lasik if this thing was so bad now” also my mom and family members had it and they pushed me to have it as well. The day after my surgery I knew I had made a huge mistake. I paid like 4500. Top surgeon. Bladeless Wavefront blah blah blah….. They told me that the recovery is one week. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” I was freaking blind for two damn months. I had bad astigmatism -3.5 and -5.5 with a little farsightedness.
It is such a failure in the system that Lasik centers just do these surgeries on people’s EYES!!!! With no damn regulation what so ever. Even McDonalds is more regulated. What is wrong with the system? Someone is making a lot of money under the table. FDA should at least force these centers to show people a video before they elect to do the surgery.

I walked out the night after my surgery and it felt like I was in horror movie “Sleepy Hollow” It was one of the scariest moments of my life. Soon after the headaches and blurriness came and I took to the internet and saw the truth about Lasik. I felt stupid not researching while having a graduate degree. I can’t imagine the mass population being informed.

After 2 month of clearing up to residual astigmatism. I started seeing “Floaters” I didn’t even know the word “floaters” prior to the surgery. These floaters turn into specks of glare at night running through my vision like jelly fish. I went to my surgeon and SCREAMED!!!:blob_fire He said “they were there before” calmly.
It was like talking to a dead bug. Soon I found that floaters are a common problem after Lasik. So while learning to cope with the floaters and the dry eyes. All the sudden I get hit with this new eye pain and pressure under my eyes. It feels like someone is pulling my eyeballs all day long causing headaches and discomfort. I went to the Doctor again and told him I need glasses. He said “you need an enhancement that’s what you need”. I told him give me a damn prescription. I had to force him to get a damn prescription from him. I had -0.75 and -1.75 astigmatism and +.5 both eyes. Got the glasses things clear up but they look distorted and slanted and the glasses makes me feel dizzy. He really wants to give me an enhancement and I cant trust this damn operation anymore. It left me disable for the last four month. I almost lost my job and here I was trying to make my life better. Any advice or suggestions??
Sorry for the venting.
I had lots of bad things
Most got better
The astigmatism and farsight could improve alot within the first year
Dryness can also
Floaters might diminish also

I had blurry eyes the whole first year, one eye was better than the other. The bad one could barely see. It was farsighted and has a lasik induced astigmatism of about the same as your better eye. It mostly cleared up. There is still a small astigmatism that I can correct with glasses but i rarely wear them. I could not see the 20/30 line on the eye chart at all because of the astigmatism the entire first year. Now the eye can see 20/20 with clarity on the eye chart.

Its been 3 years. Dryness improved but is still a struggle to some degree. Blur is gone.

The main horrible thing that stuck with me is starbursts. I can not stand them. I had crisp sharp vision in dim lighting before lasik. Now its not very good to me.

You probably need a second opinion and wait about 9 months after surgery before considering an enhancement.

I agree about the regulations and lack of warnings. The recovery was really long and a lot of torturous days and nights. If I had known, I would not have gotten it done.

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