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[QUOTE=mishaxu;5422012]Hi, I'm 21 years old female. I had Lasik done at Dello Russo Laser Vision on June 1, 2016. I am regretting the decision. Even though, I can see 20/20 on my left eye. My right eye is blurred and isn't as clear as my left eye. This has impacted me on reading the computer screen because words are more blurry with the two conflicting visions. I miss my glasses, I miss my contacts. I wish I never did this. The doctor who performed the surgery didn't even look to see if my prescription fluctuates and even though I told him it does, he claimed that since I was 21 then chances are my vision have stabilized. I have chronic migraines on the right side of my head. I also experience starbursts at night which has made me unable to drive at night since I no longer feel safe. In addition, I'm afraid of the flap risk and wish I had taken more research into it since the place I had the surgery done didn't explain much to me and didn't let me know that the flap doesn't deal and can have complications over time.

I realize that this is a lifetime decision and I'm going to have to live with this. Is there any solution to cope with the migraines on the right side of my head as well as the two conflicting visions which has made it difficult for me to read on my computer without having to close my right eye?

I've been reading about tons of complications online and only wish I had read about them sooner instead of after the procedure. Unfortunately, my doctor didn't explain them to me and instead had me sign a contract about them (I didn't even understand what some of those complications meant on the contract) I'm not sure why I got this procedure done when I could've had contacts instead. I regret my decision completely and find it hard to focus and eat.[/QUOTE]

Hey, I hope you are feeling better. Please give us an update on your situation,
I like you had lasik and i wish i had done more research. Unfortunately, if the doctors are truth full about the complications, no one in their right mind would consent to such a horrible procedure. It is all a business and unfortunately the FDA has done nothing to stop it. Your eyes are severely damaged when they cut your corneas and sometimes they take up to 2 years to heal. Bottom line Lasik is not ethical and there nothing wrong with feeling remorse. It was not your fault. You were misinform like millions around the world. Please file a med watch report with the FDA. This is one of the only things that can be done to help to put some regulations on lasik.

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