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I had Lasik Surgery last Saturday. Prior to the doctor had stated that I may need reading glasses for small print. I could read very small print prior, and now I cannot read the largest font on my phone (bolded!). I went for a follow-up appointment yesterday and one of office staff hands me a vision card to read up close. She asked what I could read clearly and I could not read the largest E at the top. It was very blurry. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that I can see at a distance, something I could not do prior without glasses. Now I need reading glasses to operate my computer, my phone, my microwave, my washer & dryer, etc. I thought possibly I would need them for small print, but this has truly affected my everyday activities, work, etc.

My question is this: Is there improvement over time? (I asked the Dr. this question yesterday, and he was silent.) If not, is there a way to correct the issue?

Thank you!
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