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Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum.

I got PRK surgery in 12/2014 and had pretty good results. I see 20/20 clearly out of my left eye (about -0.50) and 20/20 or 20/25 out of my right eye (about -1.00). In short, my left eye's vision is up to par, but my right eye is a little weaker. This is my last month to get a touch up on my eyes (or just my right eye) free of charge.

Also important is that when I used to wear contacts, my right eye always had worse vision than my left eye. However, my surgeon claims that he could make my right eye better, since it's a very small correction. I hesitate to believe that. However, my right eye vision does bother me from time to time because I am OCD in that way. Especially with night driving (but I could still drive fine at night, and I'm unsure if it's really the right eye vision and not just night driving in general).

Has anyone had any experience doing a touch up for PRK when their initial results were similar to mine? Would I be crazy to go through another surgery, risk seeing no improvement or having a rare but awful side effect, and regardless, having to go through the long recovery again?

I do think that if the surgeon got my right eye to -0.50 I would be satisfied and happy I did the touch up, but am I trying to fix what isn't broken? Taking a very unnecessary risk? Should I believe that this time around the surgeon will actually improve my right eye and not make it worse?

Any and all thoughts, experiences, or stories that might help me with my decision would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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