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I am 31 and got LASIK last week.

Before my LASIK (Femtosecond Laser+Alcon Topo guided), a week days ago, I was

L:-2, Cyl:-1.0, 170
R:-2.5, Cyl:-0.75,10

I was measured 2 days after LASIK. At that point, I was (Auto refractometer)
L:+0.75, Cyl:-1.0,170 (Blurry near and far) - 4/6 vision
R:+0.25 (Sharp at distance, slightly blurry close) - 6/6 Vision

I cannot read or do any screen related work without seriously stressing out my eyes. Getting reading glasses of 0.75 seems to help somewhat (But not in the left eye). This confirms the above prescription of being farsighted, as before LASIK, I was able to read near (with correction Lenses or glasses)

My questions
1. Is it normal to be farsighted after LASIK? Does this gradually go away? I am reading that doctors routinely overcorrect myopic eyes to account for regression after the surgery. I hate being farsighted more than I hated being nearsighted (At least myopia didn't cause terrible headaches).
2. Looks like I have the same amount of astigmatism in my left eye as before and this is the reason I cannot see clearly near or far. Does astigmatism disappear over time too? Could this be post-LASIK Ectasia (Can it manifest itself within 2 days of surgery?)

Although most of the doctors in India are skilled, they are not good at patient communication and explaining to you the technicalities of your procedures/ailments (Mostly just send you off with a prescription and what not do do).

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