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I had LASIK blended vision three and half months ago, and in the last two weeks I have had a massive improvement !... I can now see number plates at a distance of 3 cars away when driving and I can also see the sports results on the TV clearly and I couldn't 3 weeks ago, it was sort of blurry and a bit double vision. I just wanted to tell you how long it took for me to get there, so it's at least 3 months till I suddenly seems to see a lot clearer , almost seems over night !...I also had a blurry sight from one eye, (my distance one) especially seemed like I couldn't read the car number plate across the road, only 2 months ago, but now I can and the blurryness has gone. Wait and see what 3 months brings... it used to drive me nuts, looking a the eye chart I downloaded as it showed I was 20/30 ...or 20/40, now i look at the same down loaded chart on my iPad and I'm 20/15 !... this happens in the last 2 weeks !.... I was originally -7.25 in my right eye and I have read that the bigger the prescription the longer the recovery.

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