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I recently had a consultation. I am near sighted. I qualified for surgery. Dr gave me contacts to simulate what it would be like. My left contact was weaker than my right. I am right eye dominant. It was great. I could see far and close. I could read texts. Everything seemed normal. WOre it for 3 weeks. They wanted me to try just my right eye. I have done that for 3 weeks. Its ok. A little blurry far away. No issues with depth. I have been driving, playing racquetball, mountain biking and all went fine. I prefer both eyes having contacts though. Really seems to be clearer. The consultant is pushing me to just do the one eye. She says there is a big chance because of my age that my eyes will adjust after surgery and I will need reading glasses. The whole reason I am doing this is no glasses ever. I am 47. My eyes have been the same prescriptions for 20yrs. Every two years get a checkup and the same. They have not gotten worse. I know you can never predict for sure but because my eyes haven't changed in so long I am really tempted to do both eyes. The consultant said the surgery will most likely cause my eyes to change and I will need reading glasses. Opinions?

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