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You were being given a trial for what is known as "monovision". Basically they will adjust (or leave) your dominant eye at a full-distance correction, and under-correct your other eye for to help you to read.

In many (but not all) patients, this works out well, and gives them reasonable close-up reading capability, as well as full-distance eyesight. In others, it doesn't.

The decision to do laser eye surgery, whether PRK or LASIK, is yours alone. While it does sound like you are in good hands with your doctor giving you a trial with contact lenses of monovision, you could certainly:

a) Have full-distance correction in both eyes. You will need reading glasses.

b) Have multi-focal corneal laser correction. Some of the newest laser platforms (ie: Schwind AMARIS) support this. Schwind calls theirs "PresbyMAX". Availability in the United States is very limited. You can simulate this through a trial of multi-focal contact lenses.

c) Not have any surgery at this time and re-visit the whole decision when you develop cataracts and need lens replacement. At such time, you can then make the decision whether to have multi-focal IOLs, or a more standard full-distance correction. Monovision can be accomplished with lens implants as well.

d) If you have a family history of earlier cataracts, then you might be a candidate for CLE/RLE, rather than going through LASIK/PRK. It may cost you more than a straight-up LASIK/PRK procedure, but you won't need to have cataract surgery later on.

There's nothing wrong with getting both your eyes done, with the prescription you did well with using both contacts. The Dr. might be seeing if she can save you a little bit of money and recovery by only doing one eye. Sounds like you have a caring doctor instead of one who just wants to zap as many people as possible and hit the golf course!

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