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I had bladeless LASIK done and it will be one week tomorrow. I know I'm in the early stages of healing but I am nervous since I'm improving in other areas of my eyes (e.g., extremely blurry vision upon waking to it lessening day by day) but my haziness all day is not getting any better. I'm also experiencing the haloing (around signs) and starbursting (headlights) at night. I had a -7.5 prescription in each eye and was near-sighted. Has anyone had the haze experience and how long did it last? There is just no crispness to my vision at all, it's like wearing a dirty contact lens 24/7! Is it also common to not be able to see up close upon waking but for it to get better throughout the day? For instance, I couldn't see my emails on phone upon waking but later in day they were fine to read. Thanks so much to anyone that responds. I really need to alleviate my worry with this!

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