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I got Epi-Lasik surgery 2/16/17 and also got custom to remove glare and halos and figured I would get the full treatment if I was going to do it. My vision was pretty bad and my doctor advised he would be performing a -8.00 correction which is on the higher side. Doctor stated after surgery my refractive errror was 0 and eyes corrected fully.

First week and a half was brutal with recovery as I had extreme haze and discomfort and couldn't see well at all. Doctor also stated there was a build up for Epithelium cells on my eyes that was making vision blurry and would take time for cells to settle.

Today is 3/9/17 and exactly 3 weeks post surgery and most haze has cleared up by I still have a lot of glare from the sunlight, or lamps in the house or anything that gives off light. My eyes are still very light sensitive due to this.

Last doctor visit he said I was seeing 20/25 from my right eye and 20/25 -1 from my left... my right eye is noticeably stronger and I can see farther and more clearly out of this eye... my concern is that how I am seeing now will be my final vision correction reached. I would be very disappointed if that were the case as I was able to see more clearly and farther with my contacts before surgery.

My question or request for advice is if I should still expect improvement in the strength of my vision in the future or if 3 weeks post surgery, the vision I currently have is as good as it will get? I know my eyes are still healing as they can be sore some days and I'm still dealing with glare and due to my correction being high it can cause healing to be longer. Just seeking some advice or info in regards to what I should expect in the future, any advice would be appreciated!!!

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