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I had Lasik on both eyes 2 weeks ago here in the UK to correct shortsightedness, and have blurry near vision out to about 4 feet. I received the usual warning about needing reading glasses due to my age (52), and I fully understand why this is the case, however I wasn't told of the problem extending as far out as 4 feet.

My question is to those who also experienced this,[B] how long did you find it took to loose the blurry vision out at 4 feet, and how close in can you now get before you need glasses (reading distance ? dinner plate distance ? computer distance ?)[/B]

I'm going through the emotional rollercoaster of despair, regret, self blame, anger and all that stuff, however I've found this site and others to be a great source of information.

I know the healing takes time, I would just appreciate the experience of others who found themselves in my situation.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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