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Hi all,
I am 12 days post op PRK. I was -1.25 in the only eye I had surgery in with small astigmatism. Had PRK due to having LASIK a decade or so ago.

I have been to the surgeon once for lens removal and my optometrist (who does all post op care for this surgeon) since.

I am seeing about 20/50, or 20/60, some corneal haze, vision about -2.0.

I can't see close up or far.

Everything is blurry and ghosting is prominent. My doc says there is some hazing but seems concerned about how it's healing so far. The surgeon says to "Call if I can't see in 3 weeks" while his nurse said "you should have been able to drive at day 5."

If anyone else who has been this far out with vision worse than when they started wouldn't mind sharing comments or thoughts I would appreciate it. I am completely panicked here. I turn 42 tomorrow and didn't expect going into the new year with a screwed up eye!


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