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Hi All... So I'm a 41 year old male. 6 days ago, I had LASIK on my right eye. My dominant eye. My left eye is lazy (amblyonic), so my surgeon suggested that it would probably not be worthwhile treating my left eye, with the hope that my left eye may retrain itself to work harder, for reading, etc. Anyhow, 6 days post op, my distance vision is much improved, but I can't read small print (computer ) or my phone AT ALL.... I was forewarned that I probably would need reading glasses post op, but I'm unsure if I should buy some now, or leave it a bit longer. Is there the chance that my Right eye (the eye that was operated on) might improve for reading small print? Also, is it really possible that my left lazy eye, could become less lazy? I am really worried, and wondering what I've done.... Please can anyone advise / suggest what I should do ? Thank you so much in anticipation!!
I can't speak to the questions regarding the lazy eye, but regarding the question about reading glasses, there's no harm in buying some now so you can function. They are very cheap; you can even find them at the dollar store. I have been told the prescription may continue to change some over the first couple of months, so it is possible the near vision might get a little better with time.
I remember right after my procedure suddenly noticing blurred close up vision too. It was a really odd sensation. Don't freak out at Day 6. I had LASIK ten years ago at age 30 (best thing ever, no regrets). Give your eyes some time-it took me about six months post-surgery for everything to completely stabilize and for dry eye and halos at night to completely go away.

I still can't see as well up close as pre-procedure but not to the point of needing reading glasses. You trade "awesome" up close vision for "good enough" up close vision to get that distance vision. So worth it though. Hang in there.

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