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Hi all,

I am writing on behalf of my girlfriend who had LASIK (femtosecond laser) surgery 4 weeks ago, at a hospital in Beijing.

The day after the surgery, she noticed that while she had near-clear vision in her right eye, the left eye had noticeable ghosting (i.e. the edges of images appear again to the side and bottom of the original image).

At first she expected it to disappear after a few days, but after 4 weeks, she still has the problem in her left eye, and it has not improved at all. This is greatly affecting her, and she is unable to look at her phone or computer for more than a few minutes at a time because it feels very uncomfortable and gives her headaches.

In her follow-up appointment, the doctor told her that the surgery was performed successfully, there are no problems he can see, and that normal vision should return within 3 months. However, this has failed to reassure her and she has lost confidence in the place where the surgery was performed. She feels like they are just trying to brush her off.

What is worse, she is extremely anxious about this and it has brought on a major bout of depression which she is now taking medication for. She has been prone to depression in the past, but this is by far the worst I have seen her and she is very emotional and withdrawn.

Does anyone have any experience of ghosting post-LASIK? How likely is it to disappear? Is it just a case of waiting now?

Hope to get some advice, as this is really affecting her badly.


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