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Re: PRK need help
Aug 14, 2017
[QUOTE=hatazcat;5466366]hi i had lasik about 3 weeks ago. idont have the problems you have but my reading vision was good for a week but now its bad again. im really depressed. i have to take a certification test for work and i cant study. im worried. so i guess we have that in common. what did you go in for? is your vision better? im trying not to read negative disaster stories and remain optimistic tho too. heather[/QUOTE]

My right eye had ghosting and blurry vision for 6 weeks~ and now its better so i think you still have time to heal : )

But if you are really worried go to a doctor just to be sure everything is fine.
Try to see if your vision gets better after you put eye drops
Re: PRK need help
Sep 1, 2017
[QUOTE=Helpmepls1234;5465405]Im two months after PRK with really dry eyes and i now also have floaters at bright light... Im depressed and i wonder if i will ever get better. I never had dryness and floaters before surgery[/QUOTE]

I wouldn't think the PRK has anything to do with the floaters. Those are "inside" the eye where the laser never goes. Most people have floaters by the age of 20 or thereabouts.

However, if it's something new, I'd definitely get it checked out.

For the dry eye, definitely use the eydrops they gave you (hopefully). Use them as often as you need to. Ironically I think I had less dry eye with PRK that the Lasik. I will say the drops help with the vision clarity, while the eye heals. I'm at 6 weeks post PRK now and don't feel dry eye very often, but I do notice that when I use the drops I can usually see a little clearer.

Ghosting is still happening "up close" (6-10 feet away, but it depends on the lighting and what I'm looking at). I can't say that i notice ghosting for distances, but when I had my 3-week followup, the eye chart was definitely ghosting.

I was around -1 before the PRK (around 20/100 or thereabouts) and 3-week post PRK am at 20/50, although it wasn't a clear 20/50.

But right now if I close my left eye, things are definitely clearer at a distance than the left-eye (-0.5). Up close, not so much. I *think* it's getting better though.

Also talk to the doc for your dry eye if the drops aren't working. There's different types and strengths of the drops (mile dryness, moderate, heavy, etc.) although I find that the ones for really dry eyes have more "oil" in them and feel more viscous.

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