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I have been wearing contacts for 20 years.... And I am only 31. My vision is downright terrible without correction. I have decided to investigate getting LASIK and had consultations yesterday and today. Yesterday I was told I am a fantastic candidate when do I want to schedule? Today the doctor was not as optimistic. Apparently this clinic follows a PTA scale where they calculate the thickness of your cornea and how much tissue would be affected by the surgery. My left eye was right at their 40% cutoff but my right eye (non dominate) was 42%.

I was told my options are to under correct my right eye so it meets the 40% cutoff and he showed me what that would look like... I could still read the 20/20 letters but not the 20/15 letters. I could also consider PRK although they don't do it at that office. I could do an implant which I believe he said was called ITR. I could continue wearing contacts as I am now. Or I could say screw it and go to the other place and get LASIK in both eyes, PTA scale be damn.

My job depends on my vision and I am starting to think perhaps the risk is not worth it? Anyone have any stories or suggestions?

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