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Well, I could go back in time I wouldn't do it again. I had LASIK 4 weeks ago at with mixed results. I had a +2.00 in left eye and +3.00 with an astigmatism in the right eye prior to surgery. I was farsighted.

Post op, I can see some things better than without my glasses, but most things are very fuzzy. The doctor has assured me that the flap is healing very well and my vision in the office is hovering around 20/20. I have had very dry eyes, so they did temp duct plugs which seemed to help, but not with the vision. It might take some extra time. Who knows.

However, I did have a discussion with the doctor about "enhancement". He explained the how it works. That being said, to answer your question, I its up to you, but I have made it very clear to the doctor that if the end result after 12 months is remaining refractive error, then I will return to my optometrist (close family friend who is NOT in favor of enhancement) who will just put me back in glasses and monitor for ectasia and other corneal issues that could occur post Lasik.

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