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Just had a Superficial keratectomy - which is like PRK just without the laser. I am day 3 after surgery and basically have had very little pain. I had a Salzmanís Nodule removed which had been really affecting my vision. My vision has improved every day! I thought it was supposed to get worse before getting better. So far, it just keeps getting better and better! Every blog/video Iíve watched about PRK talked about day 2/3 being the worst. For me, it has been absolutely fine - in fact it has been great!! On day 1 and a little bit of day 2 I had some burning, but it wasnít a big deal. It felt like getting soap in your eye. The burning lasted for maybe 45 minutes and then went away. Iíve had some itchiness and a feeling like something is in my eye (but that could just be the contact - never having contacts before). Do you think the laser of the PRK is what causes the pain? I thought it was the removal of the epithelium. Should I just be happy things are going so well or should I be nervous? I kinda feel like a ticking time bomb waiting for the pain to hit me.

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