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It is already 1 month plus after performing lasik.
-I am having constant headache/migraine everytime when i try to read something or even watching TV.I also have eye strain on the left eye.Sometimes after driving for 30 minutes and i look at my phone, my left eye will be very pain.
-When i am focusing reading on my phone,playing some board games, things will start to go blurry and if i instantly look up to see something further after focusing on my phone or playing board games,everything looks even blurry.I need to close my eye for 1 or 2 minutes only things start to look sharp again. (this never happen when i am on glasses (shortsighted) before lasik)

I have reported twice to my OD. and they did check again on my eye sight and confirmed that the left eye still have 0.5 astig while the right eye is plano and insist that everything is fine and maybe its the eye muscle that is not used to the new vision yet.

the next day i went to get a pair of relax glasses with 0.5 astig on the left and +0.50 on both left and right. After wearing for a short while, i start to feel more strain on the right eyes.

Does any one have this issue and able to resolve it?i would like to know what are the possible causes that lead to the headache,eye strain and also vision gets blurry when focusing on close work and looking at something else.

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